This nutritional supplements medicine has a combination of Calcitriol, Calcium Citrate, Zinc and Magnesium. Calcitriol is a form of vitamin D that helps in proper absorption of calcium. It helps reduce elevated parathyroid hormone levels and serum alkaline phosphatase levels in the body. Calcium is an important mineral for bone formulation and maintenance. Vitamin D helps keep the deficiency at bay. People with ailments like hypocalcemia (low blood calcium levels) or hypophosphatemia can cause calcium and phosphorous loss leading to rickets or soft bone. Calcium Citrate, Zinc and Magnesium are important elements that your bind the health of your bones and overall functioning.

Composition: Calcitriol 0.25 mcg + Calcium Citrate 425 MG + Zinc 20 mg + Magnesium 40 mg

Packing: 10×10 Softgels

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