What are the Latest Scope Pharma Franchise Business in India­

What are the Latest Scope Pharma Franchise Business in India­ – The Indian pharmaceuticals sector is at blooming stage. The industry has been experiencing a good growth post GST and is expected to grow more in near years as we head to Pharma Vision 2020. When it comes to franchise businesses, the pharmaceuticals industry is the best. It is one of the most profitable sectors in the world. People are investing in PCD franchise to have a stable career and gain more profits. In case, you want to know what are the latest scope of PCD pharma franchise business in India then we can help you.

What are the Latest Scope Pharma Franchise Business in India­

The pharma sector is known as the best place where one can invest in a better future. There are many reasons people incite whether why to invest as PCD franchise owners. Like every curious person to know your growth and scope opportunities, the pharma industry is an epitome of opportunities for a bright future. In this post by Healthserch Pharma, we are going to tell you what is the latest scope of PCD pharma franchise business in India.

Why Invest in a Pharma Franchise Business?

Pharma industry is the best place for starting your own business. Franchise business in pharmaceuticals is profitable for you in different ways. You cannot deny the fact that the healthcare industry is gaining more profit each year by year. The people are actually investing in it to stay healthy. Some of the good advantages of staring pharma franchise business are as follows:

  • You will be getting monopoly rights to your locations.
  • The investment plans are quite genuine.
  • The returns are good and profits are rewarding in near future.
  • You will be provided marketing support free of cost.
  • Credit facilities are also provided by some companies.
  • Better expansion opportunities.

Scope for Retailers and PCD Pharma Franchise Owners in India

If you are new and have experience in sales of pharma products or if you have good contacts with doctors then you can go for general PCD franchise business. These people have direct contact with the consumers and earn a good decent return. You will require genuine investment range to start this business and has good scope further.

  1. Standalone pharmacy or Chemist shop
  2. Clinical pharmacy
  3. Hospital pharmacy
  4. Internet pharmacy
  5. Specialist pharmacy
  6. Animal pharmacy etc.

 Scope For Pharma Wholesaler and Distributors

Once you settle as a PCD franchise owner and made enough contact to expand, become a wholesaler from a retailer. A wholesaler or distributor on the larger segment can start off as any of the two:

  • Single party pharma franchise distributor and wholesaler: With limited contacts, you can expand your business to moderate location and slowly expand. To start with single party franchise is a good move. You need relatively less investment. Once you get sufficient experience, you can put more money and start multiple party distributions.
  • Multiple party pharma franchise distributor and wholesaler: Holding a good marketing reputation and building contacts with several distributors, you can become a multiple franchise owner. This step involves having different distribution channels. This is the main point which makes you wanting by many pharma companies.

A wholesaler and retailer can choose to spread their areas of business operation according to their strength and capacity. A good and smooth distribution network is very important here. Different types of wholesalers and distributors there in the market which you can choose to become are as follows:

  • Carry and Forwarding agent (C&F agents)
  • Chain pharmacy
  • Health supplement distributors
  • OTC medicines distributors
  • Stockiest
  • Specialist Distributors like Specializing in ayurvedic medicines distributor, Unani, Siddhi, Homeopathic medicines etc.


The pharmaceuticals industry is the best place to start your own venture and choosing the best pharma company is the best decision here. Healthserch pharma is the best PCD franchise company to work with having more than 300+ medicines. We are ISO certified Chandigarh based company that offers genuine pharma marketing deals across the nation at reasonable plans. I hope the articles was beneficial for you.