Pharmaceuticals Syrups Range for Pharma Franchise/ PCD Franchise

Pharma Franchise for SyrupsGet quality liquid formulations like oral suspensions, ayurvedic tonic and syrup drug medicines and products range at best prices for PCD pharma franchise. Top pharma Franchise Company in Indi’ Healthserch Pharma welcomes all those who are interested in monopoly pharma franchise for syrups range in India. We are offering syrup drugs for a cough, cold, congestion, gastric issues, asthma problem, pneumonia, bronchitis etc. They are DCGI approved and made with best ingredients to meet your rising expectation as Franchise owners.

Syrups have good demand which will bear good profits for you as owners of pharma franchise for syrups in India. Healthserch Pharma covers different syrups drug range like a liver tonic, uterine tonic, antihistamine, antacids, expectorant medicines, multivitamin, multi-minerals etc. Our company made these medicines in GMP-WHO units. We have followed strict quality control guidelines to meet the rising expectation for better quality formulations. At Healthserch Pharma, you will get a vast variety of syrup formulations, better business scope, good opportunities and many benefits as PCD franchise owner.

Own a Business Of Pharmaceuticals Syrup Franchise In India

Syrups are acceptable for all age groups whether you are an infant or old. These medicines are considered a good alternative to tablets and capsules which are difficult to swallow. The liquid formulations cover the entire major market segment which is constantly in demand by the general public. The Indian pharmaceuticals industry shares a good business deal when it comes to syrup dosage forms. Here are the reasons why to invest in syrup PCD franchise in India:

  • It is a major drug dosage segment in paediatrics. India has a billion plus population with most of them youth, especially children. Thus, you will have a profitable business in this segment as parents are willing to spend more on childcare medicines.
  • Syrups are amongst the dominating dosages that cover multiple segments including diabetics, ayurvedic, dermatology, cardiology, gastro, gynaecology etc. This will help meet variety demand of customer in your business locations. Thus, you will have an upper hand as franchise involves monopoly right.
  • Improvement in medical science and technology, one can see good advancement in syrup formulations. Thus, the market value of syrup market is expected to rise in coming years. This is due to rising ageing population and demand for quality medicines.

Top PCD Franchise Company for Pharmaceutical Syrup in India – Healthserch Pharma

An ISO certified top pharma franchise company in India’ Healthserch pharma welcomes all those who want to start their own business. We are a well-known name in the market that has catered marketing services to more than 300+ associates through pharma franchise. We are constantly received positive feedback from the general public for our professionalism and quality range of medicines. The syrups have been produced in GMP-WHO units that offer strict quality measurements, world-class infrastructure infused with the best technology and improved techniques.

The aim of the company when making each unit of syrup is to provide maximum efficacy through our drug formulation. The containers that we use to store syrups and oral suspensions have been sterilized and gone through multiple checking to make sure that packing is A grade and free from spillage or spoilage. All the syrup formulations have been marked DCGI approved. Thus, making us a trustable name in the market.

Quality Syrup Range Available for PCD/ Pharma Franchise in India

Our company would like to invite people who are interested in starting their own venture. We are offering syrups formulations consisting of Zinc sulphate, Vitamin D3, antacids, potent local anaesthetic, antihistamine, expectorant medication, anti-serotonergic agent, beta agonists, laxatives etc. The formulations cover ailments like chest congestion associated with pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchospasm asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease and stress ulcers. They will help treat shortness of breath, wheezing, chronic bronchitis, chest tightness caused by asthma, and emphysema etc. Some of the pharmaceuticals drugs covered by our company under syrup drug dosages are as follows:

  • Ambroxol
  • Tricholine Citrate
  • Magnesium Hydroxide
  • Oxetacaine
  • Guaiphenes
  • Guaiphenes
  • Terbutaline
  • Sucralfate
  • Ferrous ascorbate
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Folic acid
  • Lycopene
  • Cyproheptadine HCL
  • Terbutaline

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