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Third Party Manufacturing Company in India Looking for best pharma manufacturing company in India? Want a genuine pharma manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceuticals drugs? Healthserch Pharma is a reputed ISO certified third-party manufacturing company in India. Our company is an established and a trustable pharma drugs manufacturers in India. We have been providing quality manufacturing facilities. It includes effective drug development, 100% ingredients, computerized processing, comprised facilities and much more.

Pharma third-party manufacturing is very popular nowadays. It helps you garner better opportunities for growth and development. Healthserch Pharma offers genuine opportunities for pharmaceuticals manufacturing and marketing services all over India. We are known for the best third-party manufacturing company in India. Our Company provides solutions for wide range of tablets, capsules, pills, injectables, creams, lotions etc. The ranges are affordable in nature. We have covered all the integral segments like diabetes, nutraceuticals, cardiology, dermatology, pediatric, ophthalmic etc in our range of services for better customer experience.

Leading Name In 3rd Party Pharma Manufacturing Services in India | Healthserch Pharma

Healthserch Pharma is a professional pharma manufacturing service provider in India. Our company provides all sorts of pharmaceuticals mass production services at genuine rates. We have always tried providing our clients with the best combination of technology and technique. Latest and world-class technology has been assembled. Our research and development team consists of skilled, talented and experienced experts who are working in this industry for a good time. We have provides our manufacturing solutions to various companies by and they have appreciated our services immensely.

  • You will be offered DCGI approved drug from the company with the complete assistance of approval and trademark.
  • The drugs will be developed and formulated under the guidance of experts. We have the best research and development team along with skilled personnel.
  • The whole manufacturing will take place in Schedule M units. They are GMP-WHO compliant.
  • Indian Medical Association guidelines and best quality control/ assistance measurements have been followed.

Pharma Manufacturing Services Provided By Our Company

Our company has provided a good solution for assembling and manufacturing all across India. We have met the growing demand for better quality, improve techniques and newer advances in this field. We provide services that fulfil various services that accumulate to our professional and diverse manufacturing business. These include the backing of production processes such as

  1. Assured Quality & Assembling of Resources.
  2. Trademark & Drugs Approval/ Registration.
  3. Designing and Packing Material Procurement.
  4. Promotional/ Marketing Tool Items (Product Profiles, Visual Aids, Brochures, Promotional Literatures, Catch Covers etc).
  5. Timely Delivery.

Pharmaceuticals Formulations Range We Offer For Pharma Manufacturing

Healthserch Pharma provides you over 300+ pharmaceuticals drug formulation available. Our outsourcing includes medicines from different markets. You might be looking for pharma manufacturing in specialized divisions to therapeutic range. Some of the market segments that we cover are an ayurvedic range, diabetic, cardiovascular, nutraceuticals, oncology, dental, neuropsychiatric, ENT range ophthalmic, etc. The drugs list is approved by Drug Controller General of India (DCGI).

  • Tablets (including Pills, Caplets, Pallets, Orally disintegrating tablet (ODT))
  • Capsules (Includes Soft Gelatin Capsules, Hard Shelled Capsules)
  • Liquids (Includes Drops, Syrup, Spray, Elixirs, Liquid Preparations)
  • Beta-lactum Tablets
  • Beta-lactum capsules
  • Dry syrup (Sachets, Oral Suspensions)
  • Injections (Includes Dry Injection)
  • Powder
  • Ointments (Consist of Creams, Gels, Lotions etc)
  • Dermatological Products (Like Shampoo, Soap, Face Wash etc)

Advantages Of Associating With Healthserch Pharma’ Best Pharma Manufacturers and Suppliers

Our company welcomes all those who are searching for a good collaboration. We have been constantly renovating our ways to provide better services. Our drug list is increasing with each passing year. You will enjoy a great variety of medicines. Qualitative services are an essence here. Customer satisfaction is our aim and we are purely dedicated to providing good solutions.  Here are the benefits of being a manufacturing associate of Healthserch Pharma:

  1. Reasonable Quotation Prices.
  2. Quick Delivery.
  3. Huge Manufacturing Capacity.
  4. Transparent Deal
  5. Professional Work.

Our company offers mass production of every dosage form which may vary with size, shape and it’s variant. You can call at +91- 8437733977, +91-8427650515, +91-9501102127 or leave a message in our inquiry box. We will soon get in touch with you with a good response.